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  • State Winner - Nigerian Turkish International College 13th Annual
    Mathematics Competition for Primary 5 & 6 Pupils.

Welcome to Dove International Schools

Dove International Schools (Nursery and Primary section) is located in a serene area of Osong Ama, Estate, Uyo in Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

The school is purpose built with large and well-ventilated classrooms to provide a good learning environment for the child. The classroom blocks, the administrative block and the hall/sick bay are linked to each other by covered walk-ways for convenience of the child.read more

Why Choose DIS?

Education Built Around Your Child's Needs

Act wisely! Invest in qualitative education by enrolling your child in Dove International Schools (DIS). At DIS you get the best education that is tailored towards total development of your child.

Your Child Needs The Human Touch

DIS provides child-centered method of teaching with the key objective of promoting the development of intellect, personality, character and physical well being of the child.

Your Child Needs Expert Guidance

DIS provides the best education under the guidance of seasoned professionals whose experiences and insight will mould the child in character and learning.

Your Child Needs Practical Solutions

DIS curriculum is designed to allow children work with peer groups to solve classroom assignments under expert guidance.

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