Special Events

Field Trips

This is usually an exciting event for children. Field trips may include visits to places of interest relating to lessons taught in class. It may also include visit to other schools within and outside the state.


A child’s birthday can be celebrated in school. Parents who so desire will normally seek clearance from the school on items to be brought to the school. A period of about 20 minutes will be allotted for the celebration.

Open Day

This is a mandatory event. It comes up once a term. The event is to provide the parent an opportunity to interact with the teacher on the child’s performance, discuss concerns and improvement measures with the teacher.

However, if there are concerns that would need inviting the parents to the school before the open day, a note will be sent.

Parents Engagement program

As part of our parents engagement program, parents are encouraged to volunteer to share their culture, give talk on health, career etc.

A schedule is developed at the beginning of each term for parents to indicate the area they may want to give a talk. Children get excited seeing a parent in class.

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